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Frequently Asked Questions

Pet Portraits

We have the ability to create custom portraits for animals of any species or breed. Our artistic expertise extends to designing unique masterpieces for dogs, cats, birds, horses, pigs, and even tortoises.

Yes! We have a variety of options to suit your pet parent needs.Right now, we have custom options for 1 pet, 2 pets, 3 pets and even 8 pets together in one portrait!

If you have followed our photo guidelines, it is highly likely that your photo is suitable for use. Here are some tips to ensure the best results: Ensure the photo is taken in good lighting conditions, preferably outdoors in natural daylight.Try to capture the photo at eye level with your pet.It is not necessary for your pet to look directly at the camera.Take a close-up shot to highlight your pet’s unique features.Make sure the photo is clear and not blurry. Avoid having any features, such as ears, out of the frame, as we are unable to add missing elements that are not present in the original photo.Verify that the fur color in the photo accurately represents your pet’s actual fur color. If the photo does not reflect the true colors, the design won’t either.We have a dedicated team that thoroughly checks the photos as orders are placed. If there is any issue with your photo, we will promptly inform you via email.In the event that we require a new photo from you, please be aware that it may slightly extend the delivery time by a few days.Kindly note that if you decline to provide a new photo after being informed that the original photo may not result in the best quality artwork, we are unable to offer a refund. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are satisfied with the photo you provide.Please be aware that all examples displayed on our website were created using high-quality photos.

We’re sorry, but we are unable to accommodate requests for additional accessories, extra background colors, or additional items to be added to the selected costume. We take great pride in maintaining a consistent and uniform approach to our work.However, if your pet is already wearing an accessory in the original photo, we will make every effort to incorporate it into the artwork.Regarding the collars, we usually remove them for most costumes. However, for costumes that leave the neck area exposed (such as the Duchess), it would be ideal if you provide a photo of your pet off the leash.Please understand that we focus on providing high quality and consistent drawings within specified parameters.

Of course! Just let us know what kind of background would you like!

If your photo is black and white, we’ll adjust our costume to the monochrome aesthetic of your pet photo. Please note that we cannot add color to black and white images.If you choose to provide a black and white image, we can offer a black and white portrait. Please understand that we cannot issue a refund because it is not a color portrait.

No this shouldn’t matter. Don’t worry if there’s a lot of stuff in the background. Obviously it’s better if it’s a plain/clear background. But don’t obsess over it too much! It really doesn’t make much difference.

We are delighted to create portraits featuring both pets and their owners together.

Production Process

Our design team starts the process 3-5 hours after you purchase the product. Therefore, we can only cancel your order 12 hours after you purchase the product.

You can change your order for 24 hours. If you placed your order more than 24 hours ago, we can’t guarantee that we can change it.

Certainly! You have the opportunity to review and request modifications to your artwork before it is printed. Once your preview is prepared, we will notify you via email. To access your artwork preview, simply log in to your customer dashboard.

We are a digital design studio that utilizes a diverse set of proprietary photo editing techniques, professional photo retouching, and a multitude of intricate brush strokes and blending processes. Our goal is to transform your original photo into a stunning pet and human portrait through meticulous attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship.


You can track your order via the tracking system we have. You will see this in the help section.

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